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Doty Belt lift harness saves backs and aids patients

Published on February 15, 2023 in Publication

Necessity is the mother of invention observed Plato, and a California fire captain certainly has taken that philosophy to heart with an invention designed to aid firefighters and their patients.

Captain Glen Doty of the Livermore/Pleasanton Fire Department was on a routine medical aid call three years ago when the crew was called up on to lift a patient. One member of his crew injured his back, and it got the wheels turning in Doty’s head. Perhaps there could be a better way to life patients?

From that incident was born the Doty Belt, constructed in the USA the belt’s stitching has been pull-tested up to 1,500 pounds without wear or tearing of the handles. The patent pending designed belt gives first responders the ability to lift and assist patients in a dignified manner while at the same time reducing the potential for back injury for first responders. The belt has now found its way in the tool caches of fire departments across the United States and also in hospitals, on military bases and cruise ships and with Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).

Sales of the Doty Belt has been increasing through word of mouth, and notes inventor Glen Doty, “Americans are not getting skinnier.” More information on the Doty Belt can be found at