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The Doty Belt / Lift Assist Harness gives First Responders and Caregivers the ability to lift and move people without putting themselves in the position of possibly injuring their back. When used properly this device will aid in moving heavy individuals as well as assisting people to walk.

The Doty Belt/ Lift Assist Harness is used to lift and move people using four handles on the waist portion of the Belt. If a harness is needed for lifting, release the yellow leg loops, wrap around both legs and secure through the double D-rings.

Benefits of the Doty Belt/Lift Assist Harness are:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Safer for the user and victim
  3. Washable and reusable
  4. Strong and Durable construction
  5. Belt will adjust up to 80″ depending on the model
  6. Leg loop will adjust up to 60″ depending on the model

The Doty Belt/Lift Assist Harness can be used for:

  1. Assisting a person while walking.
  2. Lifting a person off the floor to a bed, wheelchair, gurney, chair, etc.
  3. Sliding over to a hospital bed from a gurney.
  4. Search and Rescue
  5. Evacuations
  6. Auto Extraction
  7. Home accidents