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Doty Belt, Urethane Treated Kit

Doty Belt, Urethane Treated Kit


This kit includes:

  • Heavy Duty Cordura Bag
  • 3 Doty Belt Medical Size Varieties (Small, Regular, Large)
  • Handle Extenders
  • Rapid Rescue Stretcher
  • Patient Transfer Sling

Doty Belt Instructions

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The Doty Belt Patient Handling Kit (Medical) puts all the great Doty Belt products into one kit. No matter if the person is in a difficult situation or an easy lift assist. This kit will handle all your needs to safely and effectively move, lift or transfer your patient, family member, or customer. By purchasing the kit, you get a 10% discount that is already figured into the price.


  • Patient Transfer Sling
    • 35” x 6”
    • Lift Handles Extend to 36”
    • Adjustable cam lock for ease of handle adjustments
    • Durable Polyester webbing
    • Formed rubber comfort grips
    • Easy clean PVC laminate over Polyester
  • Doty Belt Medical Models (Small, Regular, & Large)
    • Closed cellular foam handles
    • Four rubberized comfort grip handles provides a firm grip during lifts and transfers (six for large models).
    • Welded wired steel buckles ensure reliability, strength and performance.
    • Polyester webbing construction for durability and strength.
    • Infused with polyurethane to prevent fluid penetration and allow for easy cleaning.
    • Adjustable leg straps allow for a secure and comfortable lift.
  • Rapid Rescue Stretcher
    • Size 3’x4’
    • 6” Handles
    • Vinyl Coated Polyester for Strength and Easy Cleaning
    • Mildew and UV Resistant
    • 500 lb. Rating
  • Handle Extenders
    • Adjustable cam lock for ease of handle adjustments.
    • Durable Polyester webbing
    • Formed rubber comfort grips
    • Adds up to three feet to existing belts
  • High Quality Cordura Fabric Bag


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 11 × 5 in


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