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Courageous Kids Climbing

Published on August 27, 2015 in Charities


Doty Belt Gives Climber A Lift!

McCall, Idaho – February 22, 2016 – When working with children with special needs during their various climbing events, the posse members of Courageous Kids Climbing would occasionally experiencing some challenges getting the kids up the climbing walls. Event coordinator Jeff Riechmann of Courageous Kids Climbing said, “It would be difficult to get a good hold on the child, especially when climbing on boulders where the kids are close to the ground and ropes may not be useful. We needed a method that a coach could use to better control the child while they were climbing.”

Doty Belt of Sacramento, California came to the rescue. Doty Belt manufacturers a wide variety of belts and harnesses that are used to assist medical personnel and emergency responders in lifting patients without causing injury to the back of the person doing the lifting.

Glen Doty, President of Doty Belt said, “When Courageous Kids Climbing put out the question how to better help their courageous climbers, we at Doty Belt knew we had just the item they needed. And since we think what they are doing for these kids is such a wonderful program, we offered to support their effort at no cost to them.”

Doty Belt contributed a set of handle extenders to the Courageous Kids Climbing tool box. The handle extenders are two individual straps that are approximately three feet long and their length is adjustable. At one end of each strap is an ergonomically designed handle. At the other end is a carabiner that attaches to the handles of a lifting harness, or in the case of Courageous Kids Climbing, the climbing harness.

Riechmann added, “We have no doubt that these handle extenders will be able to help us to better accommodate our courageous climbers. Since many of the kids we work with have physical challenges, these handle extenders will allow our coaches to better control the climbers when they are climbing on the boulders at our events. We can’t thank Glen and his team at Doty Belt enough for coming to our assistance.”

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