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The Best Patient Lift Assist Harness that is saving the Backs of First Responders and Caregivers throughout the World

The Doty Belt™ PRO Lift Assist Harness

doty-belt-redThe Doty Belt/Lift Assist Harness was created to keep both patients and caregivers safe, while preserving patient dignity. The ergonomic design of the Doty Belt helps to safely lift and maneuver heavy, elderly and bariatric patients while reducing the risk of back injury for providers. It is perfectly suited for use in a nursing home, hospitals, Home Care, Search and Rescue.  It is intended to be used as a lifting harness, lift belt for the elderly, as well as a lift assist harness for those who have been injured, or are otherwise too compromised to be mobile on their own.

Doty-Belt-yellowThe Doty Belt stitching has been pull-tested up to 1,700 lbs without tearing or wear to the handles. Whether it is moving an elderly person or picking up people that are in trouble, this tool gives first responders the ability to lift and assist a person safely.

The Doty Belt/Lift Assist Harness was developed by a fire captain with 20 years of service who recognized the growing need for an effective, safe way to lift and maneuver patients, that would also be compact and reusable.

New Doty Belt™ Medical Models!

Our physical therapy harness

  • Closed cellular foam handles
  • Four rubberized comfort grip handles provide a firm grip during lifts and transfers
  • Welded wired steel buckles ensure reliability, strength and performance
  • Polyester webbing construction for durability and strength
  • Infused with polyurethane to prevent fluid penetration and allow for easy cleaning
  • Antimicrobial threading
  • Adjustable leg straps allow for a secure and comfortable lift

New Doty Belt Patient Handling Kit!

Pro & Medical Models Available. No Company in the industry offers a kit like this that can handle all your patient handling needs.

The kit includes:

  • Heavy Duty Cordura Bag
  • 3 Doty Belt Size Varieties (Small, Regular, Large) in either Pro or Medical models
  • Handle Extenders
  • Rapid Rescue Stretcher
  • Patient Transfer Sling


New Doty Belt™ Patient Transfer Sling!

Doty Belt™ Patient Transfer SlingThe Doty Belt™/Patient Transfer Sling is a universal patient transfer sling with multiple uses and applications. It supports the weight of the patient while eliminating the need for the caregiver to get in a position to become injured.



New Doty Belt™ Patient Pediatric Harness!

Doty Belt™ Patient Pediatric HarnessThe Doty Belt™/Patient Pediatric Harness was developed to give physical therapists and caregivers the ability to safely and securely manage children and adults with special needs.


New Doty Belt™ Handle Extenders Set!

Doty Belt™ Handle Extenders SetThe Doty Belt™/Handle Extenders Set can provide a better ergonomic position for lifting and maneuvering a patient.

Secure the carabiners to the Doty Belt™ handles and adjust to the desired length.