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Why haven’t you been using it before?

Published on September 28, 2022 in Uncategorized

Mr. Doty. In the past few weeks I have personally had the opportunity to use the belts that you sent us. I will tell you that I have use all kinds of contraptions during my service to assist people up from ground level, most of which were improvised. Your device is the ultimate choice as far as my squad is concerned. We are able to assist patients to stand with minimal effort and control them while standing. but, the best testimonies come from the patients. As you know, all service areas have a few patients that require regular assistance. Every one of these folks have made remarks as to how easy it was to stand while we were using your belts, but their final comments were “Why haven’t you been using it before”. As I see it, they are your biggest fans. Thank you for your support of our squad and the people that we serve.

Tom Kitts
Captain, Bland County Rescue Squad