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Doty Belt – Medical Lift Devices

Published on May 10, 2017 in Products

Whether you’re a first responder, a member of a search and rescue team, or a hospital or care facility employee, Doty Belt has a patient lift assist harness that will help you do your job carefully, confidently and correctly. When you need to lift a patient, we’ve got the medical lift devices that can do the job. Regardless of the size of the patient, the Doty Belt medical lift devices are effective and cost-effective.

Our Medical Lift Devices Have Been Thoroughly Tested

When we designed and built the original Doty Belt patient lift assist harness, we wanted to create something that was not only cost effective, but also strong and durable. We ran a tensile test on the Doty Belt to up to 1,700 pounds. We wanted to see how the product would react to extreme testing. At 1,700 pounds of force, the handles and stitching began to react, but the steel “D” rings showed no signs of overstress. You can be sure that our medical lift devices can lift anyone to safety.

What Do Our Medical Lift Devices Do?

We created the Doty Belt/Lift Assist Harnesses to provide patient and provider safety. We also believe in preserving patient dignity and well-being. The ergonomic advantage of our medical lift devices provides for increased security and safety when lifting and maneuvering heavy, elderly, and bariatric patients while significantly reducing the risk of back injury for care providers. Our medical lifting devices were developed with both patients and caregivers in mind.

Our four handle model has an expanse of up to 45” in circumference. Whether you have to move an elderly person, a heavy person or pick up people in difficult situations, our medical lift devices gives professionals and caregivers the ability to life and assist a person in a safe, manageable and efficient way.

What Are the Key Features of Our Medical Lift Devices?

The Doty Belt has polyester webbing for easy cleaning. That’s important because you need your medical lift device to be sanitary. It’s light-weight for easy transport and carrying. Our medical lift device has rubber handles for comfort when lifting a patient. We provide steel “D” rings for strength. Our large belt has six handles for more difficult and larger patients. We also give you a mesh bag for easy storage. It also make it easy to clean the Doty Belt. Sizes come in small, regular and large for your convenience.

What are the Key Benefits of the Doty Belt?

Doty Belt medical lift devices are durable. You want a durable medical lift device so that it can withstand the pressures of frequent medical lifting. The leg straps can easily be secured and adjusted. This makes it easier to put the medical lift device on and take it off. The Doty Belt handles allow for a comfortable and secure grip. It provides additional leverage when lifting or transferring patients. You can buckle two belts together to lift bariatric patients? The Doty Belt is secure enough to handle the excess weight. Our medical lifting devices allow for good, ergonomic lifting to help make a good, efficient lift.

All Doty Belt products are designed to make life easier for both patients and care providers. To learn more, please visit