Just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the harness we recently purchased. Originally we purchased it because of several incidents where my wife collapsed to the floor due to neuropathy from the cancer treatments she's received. Since then she's started physical therapy and we use the harness several times a day as a safety net as she walks using her walker. I follow behind her with a firm grasp on two handles, ready to help her keep standing if she needs the help. It makes her feel much more safe knowing that she's not alone. The harness has been a tremendously helpful tool in my wife's recovery.


Love the Doty Belt.  We like them so much that I want to have them on all are rigs.

Cody Doucette EMS Operations Supervisor

Mr. Doty: we received the lift assist harness from you I believe on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 via UPS, and we cannot tell you how great this belt is! We are currently caring for my 90 yr old mother who is no longer weight-bearing due to significant muscle wasting from a previous hip replacement surgery, and prior to receiving the belt both me and my wife were physically struggling to lift her from her wheelchair to her hospital bed routinely throughout the day. Although we believe are can give her the best possible care, we feared we would injure ourselves by lifting her everyday. However, in just two(2) days, we cannot believe how much safer and easier it is for both of us to lift and move her throughout the day. This is the greatest invention since sliced-bread. We just wanted to give you a shout-out/ kudos for this great innovative device that can definitely [safely]assist someone who is caring for the elderly. Although you have received numerous positive reviews from EMT workers who have used your assistive lift harness, we believe this could benefit many adult children who are caring for their elderly parents. We could not be more happy with your product.

Mark and Patricia Collins Haymarket, VA

The Doty Belt is definitely a back saver for us! and the fall patients we help are definitely grateful we use the Doty Belt!

Shaun Navarra Firefighter/Paramedic LPFD

Hey Glen, I just finished the presentation to the department with the Doty Belts, they all loved it!

Pete VanNess Captain