Our customer list spans several industries including EMS, CERT, hospitals, fire departments, nursing homes, private caregivers, rehabilitation centers and many more. The list below is a sample of some of our satisfied customers.

The Doty Belt can help anyone who needs to lift someone without getting injured themselves. The patients have the dignity of being lifted in a normal way, upright, and are not made uncomfortable. The device is not limited by the weight of the patient, as the belt has been tested up to 1700 pounds with no tearing.


  • Livermore/Pleasanton FD
  • City of Duluth FD
  • Evangelical Community Hospital
  • Fitchburg FD
  • Petaluma FD
  • Lester Praire FD
  • City of Clute EMS
  • Brigham Industries
  • Northern Tactical Medicine
  • Thurston Co. Medic One
  • Lewiston Fire Co.
  • Fitch-Rona EMS District
  • City of Tulsa FD
  • Central County Fire
  • Mutual Aid Emergency Services